Workshop Preparations Manual

Revision 1 (2020-01-29 17:00)

BC² is a hands-on technical workshop, where we will do some coding.
To maximize your learning experience, before you come to the venue, please setup your computer by following these instructions below.

Computer specs

A 64-bit system with at least 20GB of HDD space should be ok.

Setup instructions

  1. Create a Github account. (If you don't have one already.)
  2. Sign up in our Slack channel (https://bc2jp.herokuapp.com)
    * You can also ask in Slack if you have any issues with any part of the setup.
  3. Setup your PC/OS.

    TBD - We will be updating this page several times.
    Please come back and check again for updates.

  4. Suggested reading list

    Season 1 videos and Season 1 material.

    Season 2 videos and Season 2 material.


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    1    2020-01-29 First version.